50g 1mm aluminium bonsai wire - HQXI92U7

50g 1mm aluminium bonsai wire - HQXI92U7

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Product Code: HQXI92U7

  • 50g 1mm annodised aluminium bonsai wire (over 20m)

  • made from high quality annodised aliminium

  • for use of styling and working bonsai trees

  • proffesional to your door within 5 working days

  • high quality specialist accesssories at affordable prices

  • 50g x 1mm anodised aluminium bonsai wire Brown coloured anodised aluminium bonsai wire used for shaping and sculpting bonsai ideal for beginners and the skilled enthusiasts. A wire we use to train our trainees due to its soft and pliable nature as this gives them the experience before we let them use copper wire (my preferred wire as it is far stronger) This size is ideal for hook / tie down wiring and spiral wiring on fine branches. This smaller size pack is ideal for the person with only a bit of wiring to do,

    50g 1mm aluminium bonsai wire - HQXI92U7