ARS ARS-LPB-30L 778mm Overall Length Professional Lopping Shears - WCKKQ7HF

ARS ARS-LPB-30L 778mm Overall Length Professional Lopping Shears - WCKKQ7HF

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  • CLEAN CUT BYPASS LOPPERS: Bypass loppers are the ideal piece of equipment you need for keeping plant health as the two blades slide past each other seamlessly to create a really clean cut. These garden scissors prime function is to keep plant health after snipping, the lower jaw swoops under the top blade so that tree branch you want to chop is even. Use these as a hedge tool, or fresh wood cutter.

  • RUBBER BUMPER SHOCK ABSORBERS: The built in shock absorbers are amazing to stop your wrists and arms getting sore or tired whilst using these gardening tools. The LPB series has included a larger bumper socket for increased shock absorption and more comfort whilst using these branch loppers.

  • POWERFUL CUTTING TOOL: Designed and manufactured from high carbon steel, the blade is extremely strong for tough branches or plants that you have to tackle! The best garden tools always have an incredibly sharp blade, using high carbon steel we have achieved this and provided you with a bypass lopper that will do all the work for you! Extending the loppers to a maximum cutting diameter of 38mm will give you the space you need to snip larger objects.

  • NON SLIP GRIP HANDLE: An ergonomically designed handle moulds perfectly to your hands for comfort whilst using the long handled loppers. Having a long handle with non slip grip means that you can put less physical effort into your gardening tasks as these loppers will do all the work for you!

  • ALUMINIUM BODY FOR A LIGHTER TOOL: In order to make these tree loppers as light as possible we have made the handles from aluminium to still provide a strong body whilst also keeping the weight off. This clever design will reduce fatigue in the arms and hands as you won't have to hold up heavy garden cutters. Long handled cutters with an overall length of 778mm will give you the leverage to shear without getting tired and sore.

  • Brand ARS
    Item weight 2.4 Pounds
    Item dimensions L x W x H 78.7 x 30.5 x 5.1 centimetres
    Blade material High Carbon Steel
    Blade type Bypass

    ARS ARS-LPB-30L 778mm Overall Length Professional Lopping Shears - WCKKQ7HF