Wilkinson Sword Unknown Pruning Saw and Holster - YJSKI0EV

Wilkinson Sword Unknown Pruning Saw and Holster - YJSKI0EV

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Product Code: YJSKI0EV

  • Triple ground teeth

  • 250mm Blade

  • Tpr non slip grip

  • Holster

  • 10 year guarantee

  • Product Description

    Wilkinson Sword’s origins are in the manufacture of swords and guns and was founded in 1772. Past product lines have included guns and bayonets as well as other objects such as typewrites and motorcycles, and more recently, gardening equipment.

    With all of this experience, the Wilkinson Sword gardening tools collection comprises highly engineered, quality products that include pruners, shears, loppers and stainless steel garden tools, as well as the innovative Space Saver interchangeable tool system. Each and every product in the range is put through rigorous quality tests to ensure the high quality design, durability and strength that you expect from this trusted brand, and to that end, each product comes with a reassuring 10 year guarantee.

    The Wilkinson Sword range of tree cutting equipment is designed for ease of use. The purpose of tree pruning is to control growth and fruiting and to correct previous bad pruning. Pruning also allows smaller weaker branches to thrive. The ideal time for the majority of tree pruning is early to mid winter. Certain trees such as birches and maples are best pruned at the end of summer. Wilkinson Sword tree cutting tools are designed for low level and cutting higher branches without the need for a ladder.

    Your Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw & Holster has triple ground teeth for a smoother cut that effortlessly saws through thick branches, and the 250mm blade is ideal for thicker branches. A holster with non slip TPR grips houses the blade when not in use for safe storage.< p>Your Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw & Holster has been manufactured to the highest of standards, and come with a 10 year guarantee.

    Box Contains

    1 x Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw & Holster

    Wilkinson Sword Unknown Pruning Saw and Holster - YJSKI0EV